Zimbabwe Global Political Agreement Pdf

… the terms of the 2008 Global Political Agreement (GPA), which attempted to end a political crisis in Zimbabwe. The structure of the executive was changed, which led to the creation of a prime minister and the creation of two deputy prime minister posts. Introduction The President stated that the situation in Zimbabwe was very important not only for South Africa, but also for the Southern African Development Community (ADC) region and that it was in South Africa`s national interest to monitor what is happening in Zimbabwe while accepting the work of the various stakeholders and , in particular, by those participating in the Global Political Agreement (GPA). The President congratulated President Barack Obama, on behalf of the committee, on his decisive victory in the U.S. election. For the sake of the committee`s guests, he said that the dialogue should allow the committee to make recommendations to the National Assembly on how it could help resolve the situation. The President welcomed the presence of representatives; Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC-T), Movement for Democratic Change – Ncube (MDC-N), European Union (EU), Coalition in Zimbabwe, Solidarity Peace Trust, Zimbabwe Election Support Network and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights. He added that the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) had refused to send a representative when the embassy was contacted. Eu representative Igor Driesmans, second Secretary of the European Union: European Union delegation, said that the EU`s objective in Zimbabwe since the formation of the Government of National Unity in 2009 was to achieve a complete normalisation of EU relations with Zimbabwe. High-level meetings were held between the EU and Zimbabwe, the last of which was held in Brussels in May 2012. Despite some restrictive and appropriate measures against Zimbabwe, the EU has not reduced development assistance provided through non-governmental organisations.

Since 2009, the European Commission and Member States have provided around EUR 1 billion in development aid, including humanitarian aid, the provision of life-saving medicines, textbooks (training transfer funds), fertilizer needs for local farmers and assistance to small farmers. In addition to South Africa, the EU was Zimbabwe`s second largest trading partner and trade doubled in 2011 to 675 million euros. He added that there was a positive trade balance in Zimbabwe`s favour and that after the signing of the provisional GPA earlier this year, trade is likely to continue to grow. Over the past two years, the EU has gradually taken steps to ease restrictive and proportionate measures against Zimbabwe.

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