Swasan One Month Agreement

Sanskar nodded and they both went to Swara`s favorite restaurant. They spent time together, fed each other and teased each other. A few hours passed and Swasan reached their villa, laughed and teased each other. Sanskar is a nasty woman! You know that kavita will not marry me if you give me the divorce. Please get away from me! But instead of leaving Swara, he arrested her. And attract them to him. His hands are on his waist. And he begins to follow his lips on his finger. I don`t remember anyone. But only kavita. I love him! And when he says that, he leaves. He is dizzy. Swara supports him.

In the unconscious state, Sanskar also spoke the word “kavita?” Swara feels inconsolable after hearing his name from his mouth. But despite this, she controls her emotions and takes him to her room (they live in 2 separate rooms) In the morning, Sanskar wakes up. www.tellyupdates.com/one-month-agreement-episode-21/ Thank you very much for your valuable comments. Here we go. Recap- www.tellyupdates.com/one-month-agreement-intro/ After losing her job at Sahil Home, she worked in many part-time jobs, but none of them worked for her. It was two months later, after Sahil offered Sanskar a job, they met from time to time to discuss the case. He also helped Swara and her mother find a house she could rent with her meager savings. She has already taken too much of her kindness and she said #17th day of the deal* In the morning, Swara wakes up. Sanskar sleeps peacefully on the bed. . Swara thinks. How can he sleep peacefully? Why doesn`t he believe in me? Balkrishna added that the drug is the first and most important evidence-based Ayurvedic medicine for coronavirus infections….

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