Sgi Collective Agreement

A 48-month extension agreement, which will take effect from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2017, was concluded in May 2014 during the negotiation phase. Negotiation duration – 5 months. Enhanced Benefits Plan: 1.61% of payroll as of January 1, 2014 [$75,000 for the duration of the agreement]; January 1, 2015, 1.61%; January 1, 2016, 1.5%; January 1, 2017, 1.5%. Today, we informed SGI that we do not agree with the opening of the collective agreement and that we would not approve any of their requests. For full information on the scholarship and how to apply, please click here to choose: elected employees are granted a leave of absence during their term of office that may be necessary [re-congratulation]. . In the province, food rates increased as of January 1, 2014: as noted in our last update, we received oral communications on cost-containment within SaskTel. A meeting is scheduled for February 14 to discuss the issue. We have an obligation to meet with them to listen to their proposals on cost containment. We will evaluate their proposals and provide an update at this stage. For now, it is the status quo according to the collective agreement COPE Local 397.

Your help is needed to support the union at our rallies, town hall meetings, promotional events, information exchanges, lobbying and any other support you can provide. We will invite our members to participate in meetings, town halls, days of action and events related to this budgetary chaos in which this government has brought the province of Saskatchewan. Our Union is every member and together we will be strong. All events take place on the website and Facebook page. I encourage everyone to try to participate in meetings and events. 7) Additional unpaid leave – up to 5 additional days of leave per year without appointment payment: employees who apply for appointment are granted leave for a reasonable period of time [new increase]. Please see the current message from Presidents HERE. 72 hours per 2-week period, consisting of nine 8-hour days [unchanged]. Note: This pension increase does not apply to workers working in prisons or boys` offenders, as they already contribute to the PEPP at the maximum contribution rate of 9% of workers and 9% of employers. Ladies and gentlemen, please take a moment to read the call to the members of the committee by clicking HERE 13 October 2019 – 1.3% increase in economic wages – 1% corresponds to an increase in pensions By applying and authorising the tax reduction at source, this means that the rating agency gives a person permission to take the tax deductions granted to him throughout the calendar year in recognition of the tax credit for that year. reduced.

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