Indo Thailand Free Trade Agreement Customs Notification

3. The Parties shall be free to apply the method for calculating the content of AFTA, whether direct or indirect, and any verification of the content of AINNA by the importing Party shall be based on the methodology used by the exporting Party. (i) the importing Party shall, through the competent authority, transmit a written notification of its intention to carry out the verification visit, at the same time to `FOB`, the free-place value determined in the manner set out in paragraph 1 of Annex I. (ii) the written communication referred to in point (i) shall be as complete as possible and shall contain: (b) the quantities and value of accessories, spare parts and/or tools are common for the originating product on the domestic market of the exporting Party; and “FOB value” means the free price paid to the exporter for the good when it leaves the designated port of shipment. Thereafter, the importer shall bear the costs, including the necessary shipping costs. The assessment shall be carried out in accordance with the Agreement implementing Article VII of GATT 1994. (ii) Where the product is subject to a percentage of value criterion, the value of packaging and packaging materials intended for retail sale shall be taken into account in the assessment of origin when they are treated as the products concerned for customs purposes. refrigerators and freezers and other refrigerators or freezers, electric or other; Heat pumps, excluding air conditioning systems falling within heading 84.15 (b) For several articles declared under the same AIFTA certificate of origin, a problem which arises for one of the listed articles shall not prejudice or delay the granting of preferential tariff treatment and the clearance of the other goods listed in the AIFTA certificate of origin. . .


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