How Long Does A Mediation Agreement Last

Where mediation has been used, it has achieved very high success rates to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome. But since it is a relatively unstructured process, some are reluctant to use it, for fear of not knowing what to expect. This document attempts to allay these fears by simply explaining the main features and benefits of mediation and how mediation works in practice under the WIPO Mediation Rules. Most of the people I deal with fight for children. They come here, and I think mediation is the last thing they think about. They know that mediation is not going to get their child back. All they want is their children. IT`S A WIN-WIN SITUATION: the people who transmit come up with solutions that are satisfactory for both parties. IT IS LOW COST: CDSC uses a mobile tax based on each person`s income. IT`S COMFORTABLE: Sessions are scheduled during the day or evening hours.

IT IS EFFECTIVE: Most mediations are scheduled quickly and on average 2-3 sessions. IT IS EFFECTIVE: 65% – 70% of people who choose to inseparable the range resolution. MEDIATION IS CONFIDENTIAL! As mentioned above, the somewhat unstructured nature of mediation can be worrisome for those who may have the idea of engaging in mediation in the event of a dispute, but may not be sure what they are supposed to expect. With respect to these individuals, the following paragraphs contain some guidelines describing the main steps in the implementation of WIPO mediation. However, the procedure described should only be understood as guidance, since the parties may decide at any time to amend the procedure and proceed differently. .

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