Employee Invention Agreement Form

Note that this document is intended only for U.S. companies with California employees. A staff invention agreement can be signed before an employee starts working in your company. By signing this document, an employee agrees not to disclose confidential information and that all inventions produced during his stay in the company are the property of the company. A staff invention agreement does not apply to the intellectual property created by your employee before entering your business. Want to learn more about important forms of employment? For more information, check out our HR guide. Other names for this document: agreement form on contractual agreement for employees, agreement for the assignment of staff in search of a version of Singapore? Look at our form of agreement on confidential information and inventions for companies in Singapore. This document should be signed by each California employee to confirm that the employee protects all confidential information he receives during and after his employment, both during and after his employment, and that all the work and inventions that arise during the work of the company in relation to the company belong to the company and not to the individual employee. If you run a business where intellectual property is essential to your success, an employee invention agreement can be used to protect your valuable assets. Whether your employees are creators, engineers, chemists, inventors or a number of specialized roles, a staff invention agreement helps you, the employer, to own the inventions they create in your workplace. It also protects the company`s confidential information.

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