Bilateral Agreements Faa

In addition to airworthiness certification, basas, MoUs and WAs offer bilateral cooperation in other areas of aviation, including maintenance, air operations and environmental certification. Working procedures are a type of agreement with a foreign CAA with which the FAA has not entered into a bilateral agreement. They are used to define methods by enabling the FAA aircraft certification service to assist another state in authorizing aeronautical products and items exported from the United States to that state. Bilateral agreements and agreements allow the sharing of the airworthiness certificate for civil aviation products between two countries. These agreements will ensure the continuity of agreements with the United States, Canada, Brazil and Japan when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. Bilateral agreements facilitate mutual airworthiness certification of civilian aviation products imported and exported between two signatory states. A bilateral airworthiness agreement (BAA) or a bilateral aviation security agreement (BASA) establishing airworthiness implementation procedures (IAP) provide for technical aviation cooperation between the FAA and its civil aviation authorities. In addition to airworthiness certification, bilateral aviation security agreements offer bilateral cooperation in a wide range of areas, including maintenance, air operations and environmental certification. With regard to aircraft certification, an additional document, an airworthiness implementation process, is being developed on certain areas, such as design approvals, production activities, export airworthiness authorization, design and technical cooperation.

How can I obtain equivalent authorizations from a particular country if I have a design permit issued by the FAA for my aircraft? Requirements for the bilateral partner country: refer to the bilateral agreement applicable on the “Bilateral Agreements Listing” website to determine the scope of acceptance or approval and the validation procedures associated with it. The applicant must work through his local aircraft certification office (ACO). Which countries have bilateral agreements with the United States and where can I find those documents? The FaA Bilateral Agreements Listing website lists all countries that have bilateral agreements with the United States We are a foreign company that manufactures articles and we want to export Article X to the United States. How do I get FAA permission? Contact your foreign civil aviation authority for instructions on the certification process. There must be a bilateral aviation safety agreement between the United States and your country so that you can import your items to the United States. You can visit the Bilateral Agreements Listing website if your country has a bilateral agreement with the United States. We help you explain the process and help them out and explain different business options.

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